SkyJack - Telescopic Boom Lifts - SJ82T

Specification & Features
Model SJ82 T
Maximum Lift Capacity 227 / 445 kg
Maximum Working Height 26.82m
4WD Equipped
Diesel Only Equipped

The Skyjack SJ82T is a Boom Lift Rough that features Axle based 4WD system with oscillating axe. It has a working height of 26.82m with 24.99m platform height. The SJ82T features a 360 degree continuous rotation feature. The Skyjack SJ82T has a capacity for 227Kg/454Kg with a gradability of 45%.

Skyjack?s SJ16 self propelled vertical mast lift provides a compact footprint and superior maneuverability. When operating in tight workspaces, a high degree steer angle allows for superior functionality and flexibility by offering zero inside turning radius. The SJ16 features a 20? traversing platform, providing increased access and the ability to reach over potential obstacles. A unique slide away platform provides easy access to components, when raised or in the stowed position.


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