Scanclimber - Mast Climber Work Platforms - Taurus SC6000

Specification & Features
Model Work Platform Taurus SC 6000
Maximum Working Height 150 meters
Maximum Loading Capacity 3300 kgs
Minimum Platform Length 4.1 meters
Maximum Platform Length 16.9 meters
Twin Platform Compatibality Yes
Snake Platform Yes
All Reach Extension Yes
Sliding Deck Extension Yes
Lifting Table LT500 Yes
Top Crane Yes

Taurus SC6000 is the middle heavy weight workhorse of Scanclimber's mast climbing work platforms. It is the perfect tool for any facade work that requires high capacity, whether for new construction or restoration. With a lifting capacity of up to 5 600 kg, and a lifting speed of 11.3 meter per minute, it is perfect for masonry (brick or block), stone or marble facade work from 0 to 300 meters in height.

Skyjack?s SJ16 self propelled vertical mast lift provides a compact footprint and superior maneuverability. When operating in tight workspaces, a high degree steer angle allows for superior functionality and flexibility by offering zero inside turning radius. The SJ16 features a 20? traversing platform, providing increased access and the ability to reach over potential obstacles. A unique slide away platform provides easy access to components, when raised or in the stowed position.

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