Nifty - Self Propelled - HR17 4x4 | 17.2m

Specification & Features
Model HR17 4x4 | 17.2m
Maximum Lift Capacity 225 kgs
Maximum Working Height 17.2 m
4WD Equipped
Diesel Only Optional
Battery and Diesel Optional

The Height Rider 17 4-wheel-drive (HR17 4x4) offers one of the most impressive working envelopes in its class. Its compact base allows it to manoeuvre easily in enclosed spaces and its extremely low overall weight helps to minimise transportation costs. The HR17 4x4's 1.8m wide ToughCage offers more space for materials and tools and a 150? fly-boom with 180? cage rotation increases accuracy when positioning the cage. The tough, impact-resistant composite base and larger cross-section steel rails

Skyjack?s SJ16 self propelled vertical mast lift provides a compact footprint and superior maneuverability. When operating in tight workspaces, a high degree steer angle allows for superior functionality and flexibility by offering zero inside turning radius. The SJ16 features a 20? traversing platform, providing increased access and the ability to reach over potential obstacles. A unique slide away platform provides easy access to components, when raised or in the stowed position.


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